Continuité pédagogique anglais Terminale C (terminales 1 et 3)

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I hope you are all safe and well. I will meet you on this page on thursday and friday every week.

Quelques informations : je vous préviendrai à l'avance quand vous aurez une classe virtuelle. Je vous fais passer et vous ferai passer le travail fait la semaine dernière (corrections de DS et DS de rattrapage par l'intermédiaire de vos professeur-e-s).

Le travail à faire est sur le cahier de textes de l'ENT.


Friday 11 December

I know that you have a mock exam (spécialités) next week. So I send you some work on the ENT (cahier de textes) . You will do it today and send it before your mock exam.


Thursday 10 December

Contenu du cours : Document 2 p.47 « The Blevins's preparation » (your task for today)

Information about the Blevins : Jerry Blevins : father, Holly Blevins : mother. They have three kids.
They have
transformed their house into a bunker with boards to put over the windows to protect it against looters * and they have a stock of food in the basement**.

They say that they are not paranoid and lead a normal life.
Jay considers prepping as « insurance » in case a disaster strikes.

(* sous-sol ** pillards)

Information about prepping : For preppers it is a priority to be ready for the worst from natural disasters like floods * or terrorist attacks.

(* inondations)

They have different fire arms for protection (revolvers ans semi automatics) . They have enough food to survive for a month.
In the USA people got interested in prepping after catastrophes : disasters like 9/11 and super storm Sandy.

About Patrick Troy : He is a former* soldier . He teaches survival skills to his friends and neighbours. He says people don't want to imagine themselves in a situation where they cannot go to the grocery to buy food.

(* ancien)

Week 4

Friday 4th December

(la correction du travail à faire sur la courte vidéo vous sera donné la semaine prochaine).

A reminder : Si vous n'arrivez pas à avoir accès à Pronote et donc à votre manuel numérique vous pouvez le trouver sur le site de l'éditeur : « Hit the Road anglais terminale » > spécimen numérique.

Contenu du cours :

« American preppers ; What are they preparing for ?

Here is the definition of « prepper » also called « Doomsday prepper » (North American term) :

A prepper is a person who believes that a war or a major disaster will happen soon and who gathers material and makes plans to survive this disaster or cataclysm.


Travail à faire (voir cahier de textes de l'ENT)

Watch the video entitled « The Blevins's preparation » on page 47. You will work by two and answer to question A p.47. You send me your answers (with your two names) on the ENT for Thursday 10th.


Thursday 3rd December

Hello, I hope you are still fine !

Yo will find in the attachment below a possible correction for your test on page 125 (the correction isn't finished yet. Be patient …)

 Contenu du cours :

Here are some possible answers for the description of the photo page 46 :

In the foreground we can see a man holding a little girl in his arms. This little girl may be the man's daughter. They are standing on a hill because they can see what is happening down in the valley. They are looking at a fire whose black smoke is rising into the sky. They may have gone there to escape from the fire and find shelter (abri) in the mountains.


Travail à faire  (voir cahier de textes de l'ENT) :


Watch the video p.46 (vous flashez le QR code dans le manuel numérique élève) . What can you write/say about the pictures ? the music ? the atmosphere ? What is the goal of this document ?


Thursday 26th November

Hello, I hope you are still safe and well !

Here are some possible answers for the "Picture Challenge" p.113 :

- Three people are interacting via a dating app on their mobile phones.

- These people must be friends who are planning to meet somewhere in town.

- Online dating apps are a good way for people to find a compatible match.

- All that people have to do to find a friend or a partner is to log on through  online dating profiles.

- Online apps are made to combat loneliness and  feelings of isolation.

- Online dating apps may have helped millions of people to interact and form new friendships;


Contenu du cours :

Private space and public space .(axe 2 Unit 5 : Take shelter) : Why is survivalism so deeply rooted in the United States ?

First comment the photo on page 46 : Who ? Where ? What ? What is the man looking at ?

Use "doubts" "giving one's opinion"" (fiche "expressions utiles pour communiquer" donnée en cours and send me your answers. (cf travail à faire sur cahier de textes ENT)

And remember that you have got a virtual test tomorrow.


Je prévois un test vendredi prochain. Je vous le mettrai sur le cahier de textes de l'ENT vendredi matin et vous me l'enverrez avant vendredi 12 h sur le cahier de textes de l'ENT (travail à faire avec remise en ligne). Pensez à récupérer pour ceux qui ne l'ont pas fait votre manuel d'anglais au lycée.

Contenu du cours « Digital apps in time of courtly love »(p.112)

C Have your say : Comment on Professor Sutherland's last statement(l.20-26) Do you agree ? Why ? Why not ? (modern technologies versus romantism) :

Yes (some ideas) : Online dating has killed romance. People meet online, chat online , see each other via their screens, something less magical than if they met face to face.

No:Modern communication tools haven't killed the romantic mood. Romance is also shown in words, not only in action or beautiful scenery.

J'ai pu activer le forum maintenant donc vous pouvez mettre vos réactions dessus.

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