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Lockdown Lessons

Work for Thursday 10th & Friday 11th December

Good morning,

I hope you’re all very well.
I know you have a lot of work at the moment and that you’re trying to get ready for your mock exams next week.
Because of this and because we will be having classes as normal from January, I have decided not to do a virtual lesson with you this week after all.
I'm giving you an essay to write for this week’s work, but you can either email it to me during the holidays or hand it on Thursday 7th January when I see you again.
The essay questions are on p.124 of your textbook. Unit 10 Either Question A or Question B. 
Question A: Discuss the following statement: "Technological and scientific breakthroughs have made it more difficult for people to break the law. Science is the best deterrent of all."
Question B: "In a world where everyone uses a smartphone, a tablet and a computer, almost every crime leaves a digital trace." Can science and new technology be a godsend for lawbreakers? 
You should write around 250 words (and not 120 words, as it says in the book).
Be careful not to pick phrases directly from the Internet if you do research online.
Please type your essay if at all possible with double line spacing and glue / copy the following marking scheme to the bottom of it.
It only remains for me to wish you good luck in your exams next week and to wish you a happy Christmas, too. I look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.
All the best,
Diane Jeffrey

Instructions:                          /2

Quality of Expression            /6

Variety of Expression           /6

Content / Logic / Ideas         /6






Here are your lessons for Thursday 3rd December and Friday 4th December.


  1. P.108 Explain the title, LOVE AT FIRST SWIPE, and the pun (= play on words)


  1. Watch the trailers for Love Guaranteed and A Case of You. Answer the following questions.


  1. What is the genre of these films?
  2. What do these two films have in common?
  3. If you absolutely had to watch one of these two films, which one would you choose? Why?
  4. Choose one of them and write a summary of the film, based on the trailer, for a TV guide to attract viewers.


  1. P.109. 2: Al, the new cupid. Read the text and answer these questions.


  1. Explain in English what these phrases mean: i) “sweet nothings” (l.3), “hyper-compatible” (l.5), people’s “physical chemistry” (l.20), “potential mates” (l.26).
  2. How do dating apps work according to this text?
  3. What is strange about the couple’s first date at the beginning of the text?
  4. Comment on Professor Schuller’s statement at the end: “Well will effectively be competing against machines for attention […] and I’m not sure how we’ll do.”


  1. Watch the video (link below), then answer the questions p.109, 1 Apps and online tools (questions A-D at the top of the page).




  1. Send me your answers to all the questions “D” (i.e.: 2d above, 3d above, 4.1d on p.109) by screenshot to ENT -> travail à faire.



This is your work for Thursday 25th and Friday 26th November. Mainly reading comprehensions this time.

1) p.105: Read the text: Police in the USA use Google to find criminals and answer questions 3A, B and C.

2) p.105: Apple versus the FBI. Read the cultural fact, look at the cartoon and answer questions 4A, B & C.

3) Read How to Stay Safe online (document attached - pièce jointe). 10 tips for teens. Write a short paragraph to say which of these tips you already follow, which tips you don't find useful and if you can think of any more advice concerning safety online. Post a screenshot of this by next Wednesday.

More next time!


Hi everyone, 

I hope you're all well.

We will continue our work on Axe 4: Citizenship & Virtual Worlds. I'm putting the content for BOTH lessons here and you can organise your time how you like.

If there are any problems at all, get back to me. 

I will send you all an email tomorrow with this work and you can write back to me if you need / want to.

1) Watch the following video three times. Take notes the second and third time. Answer the questions on p.104, Crime-Solving Gadgets, Part 1.


2) Read the article on p.104. Answer questions A & B in Part 2: CCTV and facial recognition.

3) Answer question C (it is very similar to the discussion we had in class last time): "CCTV is seen either as a symbol of Orwellian dystopia or a technology that will lead to crime-free streets and civil behaviour." Please write least two paragraphs to discuss this, giving both sides of the arguments and then your own opinion. 

Remember, George Orwell wrote 1984, so Orwellian refers to a dystopian world in which the government etc can spy on its citizens and control them.

4) Send a screenshot of your answer to the question above (Question C, part 2, p.104). Please avoid sending this via the "ENT messagerie". The screenshot can be posted (hopefully) in the "travail à rendre" tab. Deadline: By Wednesday 25th Nov at the latest please.

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