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A whistleblower is someone who denounces something, someone who informs on a person or an organisation that they consider to be unlawful or immoral. These two videos are about whistleblowers. Watch both of them (the whole videos) and leave a comment.




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  • Both videos show us a secret part of what is done in our world. They are both extremelly interesting but expose us very different problems. The water crisis video make me feel really angry against human and what it can do for some money. Fortunately, they are some aware people in our society who don't let themselves being hit without saying anything.People often die because some others are grasping. The second shows us that some people put their life in danger to solve a very big problem of our society : massive surveillance. They do that for the people and not just for themselves and that's a proof of human's reason.

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  • The town videos have for common point whistleblowers. In the first video, It's a man named Mr.Snowden. His act of progression earned him the sentence of a criminal because he called into question the reputation of the intelligence community. 

    In the second video, it's a pediatrician's women who denounces the dangerous presence of lead in water which is like poison for the human blood.

    In both cases, whistleblowers are not listened to but rather displayed as traitors or liars, the government makes them feel bad.

    In my opinion, I think that these whistleblowers are, on the contrary, heroes.

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  • In a society where some problems are masked by the authorities, the whistleblowers are very important to show the invisible and the unknow.

    The problem is that frenquently, these secrets are state secrets or national interests, so for some people, show these problems is a treason because you betray your country. However, generally the whistleblowers show problems of general interests, which concern the environment or much people. Finally, these whistleblowes are persecuted by the autorities, because they give the priority to the common well-being in spite governing's interests.

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  • I would agree that Mr Snowden does actually contribute to make America a better place but I certainly understand on the other hand why he is treated as a traitor because what he steal can be highly confidential and be a matter of high security that could compromise the life of citizen or peace in America. Besides, it shows to the Americans and to the world that the country isn't unified and that there are tensions inside the country, but maybe the government and authorities should be more transparent on some subjects, such as the poisoning water of Flint, shown on the second video. 

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  • These videos show once again that to say that someone is a hero depends on our point of view. Whether it was Edward Snowden or the doctors who revealed the water crisis, it seems to us that they did a good job, since they helped to uncover state scandals, which affect the population. However, the people impacted (the government, etc.) don't see them as heroes, quite the contrary.

    I believe that a hero is a person who puts the interests of the greatest number before his own, who acts for the common good. I therefore consider without any hesitation that Snowden and the doctors of the water crisis are heroes. Required for the well-being of the world's population.

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  • Personally, I think Mr. Snowden would reveal secrets that were against the law. He risked his life to show the world that these security services had gone beyond the limits. Are criminal status should not exist.

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  • I think that both of those whistleblowers can be considered as heroes. In the Snowden's case we can see that he denounced something he thought wrong. It's a kind of democratic right to express yourself about something you think right. The other whistleblower saved many inhabants by denouncing  the poisonned water that's why both of them can be considered as heroes.

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  • I think, in my opinion that they both have all the reasons to protest against what happens in their country as long as it is fair.  It's part of democracy to express one's self freely. So why can't they be allowed to dare saying out loud what some people have in their mind but are scared to say. They are just kind of heroes as they did everything to make wrong things change. Even though it means going to jail.

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  • These two videos are very intriguing. Whistleblowers have revealed more or less well-kept secrets and denounce, often at the price of their freedom (like Snowden) what they consider to be scandals for individual liberties. Edward Snowden kind of sacrificed himself for others and I think that's admirable. He may have committed treason by spying on two major world powers, but he can be seen as a hero, as he helped to reveal many acts committed by the US and the UK. If he had not commited this espionage, all these datas would never have been known to the general public...

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  • Both videos deal with whistleblowers who were not afraid to challenge their government in order to expose their informations to the rest of the population. Both whistleblowers had problems following their denunciation and despite this, they wouldn't hesitate to do their actions again. Thus, we can consider them as heroes since they became criminal in the eyes of the american government to pursue their ideals.

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