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Watch all of these videos about the heroes in the newspaper article you read yesterday. Leave a comment. You can say who you would vote for at the Brave Briton Awards or what you think about these people or give your reaction to these videos.




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  • It is difficult to vote for one of them because each in their own way is a hero and they all showed courage, whether it was surviving an attack, or having waged war or even mobilizing for associations. This is why I cannot choose because they are all heroes.

    Méline ARDOUIN Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • These videos introduce us to four great people. They are all very brave and we can admire them for that. It's very difficult to choose because these people are really great ... But I think Rick Stanton did an incredible action: he saved children who were surely going to die... But his determination allowed him to save them and that's wonderful!

    Eva BERGOGNON Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • I love all these videos ! Freya Lewis's story  touched me because she was a teenager like us, she survived an attack and she lost her best friend.

    Marin THOMAS-COLLIGNON Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • These 4 videos present 4 heroes of everyday life, telling what they made heroic, and it's very impressive to see so much goodness in these people, that's why he is impossible to choose between them, they are all amazing and we should all be recognized for them

    Angélina DUBOUCHER Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • In these four videos, each hero in life describes what he / she does or did heroic for UK. Personally I will vote at the Brave Britton Awards either for Allan Scott who served his country during the Second World War and he had a heroic courage and patriosm either for bee lady who at her age thinks of others and thanks to her disguise she allows to make happy or at least make people laugh that are not it is his selflessness which is heroic. These are the two videos that have impacted me the most.

    Mathieu LAVAL Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • I think that I will vote for the Bee-Lady. She looks so kind and nice. She’s so cute, she talk about people positively. Even if she’s 91, she keeps doing the collect of money for Age UK. She’s active and determined. She won’t stop before she collects 10000 and it’s a good objective.

    Camille CHARPENTIER Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • They all are incredible and are heroes in their own way I can't choose just one of them for the Brave British Award.

    Pauline VASLIN Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • I honestly will not know who to vote because they are all heroes in their own way but I would say that the story of Freya Lewis particularly touched me probably because it is a young girl who was the victim of an horrible attack.

    Assia BELGHARBI Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • After watching the videos, it's really complicated to vote. But the hero who touched me the most is the story of the girl because she is young and she underwent a lot of operations, survived an attack and she also lost her best friend and it must be really hard.

    Justine ROMEGGIO Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • I’m vote for the story of Allan Scott because he particed at the war at only 19 years old so he was very young. Furthermore, he has participated in a very importante mission who was one of the secret of the end of the war ( siege of Malta ). So i want to congratulate this courageous man for these successes in very dangerous missions at only 19 years old ​​​​​​​

    Jérémie ANGUILLE Créé il y a plus d'un an