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Watch the videos and about Captain Tom Moore (now Colonel Tom Moore) who became a hero during the holidays. Leave a comment on the forum.


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  • Martin Georjon:

    He's a British hero recognized by many people, such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, but also by the population. This man raised $30 million for health workers helping patients with coronavirus.

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  • These videos talks about the famous man Captain Tom Moore, we can see that he is a real exemple for the nation. He survived to the second World War and he celebrates this year his 100th birthday. He received a lot of cards for his birthday and in particular a card of Queen Elizabeth II. 

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  • through these videos we understand that this man, through his exploits, his heroic actions towards the people of the United Kingdom, is a source of inspiration and a hero for the people of the United Kingdom.  this video praises this man while wishing him a happy birthday for his 100 years.

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  • These video take about Captain Tom. He participated to World War II. He celebrated his 100 anniversary and received a lot of presents. The Queen Elizabeth II sent him a letter with her own signature, planes flew over his hometown and a lot of cards was exposed in a school.

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  • Captain Tom participated at World War II, before his 100th birthday he walks for NHS Charities in his garden even if he has a broken hip. Finally, he reports 30 million £ to the organization. With his action, he inspired a lot of people and become a hero and for his 100th birthday, he receives more than 140 000 birthday cards. 

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  • Captain Tom  is a brave man because he survived the Second World War. He’s a British hero he recognized by several personalities such as the Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, but also by the population ( he receives more than 100 000 birthday cards). He collected more than 30 millions for the NHS coronavirus.

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  • Tom Moore is a veteran, he fought in the Second World War. During this time when Covid19 reached the world, he created the NHS Charities Together to help people with coronavirus. Moreover, he raised more than 30 million pounds for the nursing staff, despite his hip problem he continues to market, this is a real example especially for the little boy. On his 100th birthday, Tom Moore received numerous cards, as well as that of Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • These two video talk about the birthday of the captain Tom Moore. He has 100 years old this year. He is a British national hero. He is very admired by the British people but also by world. He was an old soldier of the British army. He was fighting during the world war two in the British army. He decide to do actions to help people.

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  • In these videos, we are introduced to Tom Moore, he is a man recently become a British hero, he was previously a veteran of the Second World War and is 100 years old now. By walking 100 times with gardeners to raise money for the NHS coronavirus, he became a hero and was thanked by well-known people like Queen Elizabeth and Prince William. He received birthday cards all over the world by accumulating 100,000 cards!

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  • Tom Moore is a true hero and an example to follow. A veteran of the Second World War, this man is endowed with great generosity and shows that we can all help those who need it. He marked the history of england with his humanitarian gestures.

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