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  • the talk in this video remember us all the work nelson mandela accomplish for the community. 

    Evan DEMORON Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • This is scandalous ! An official sign language interprete was fake, especially at the Nelson Mandela memorial in front of many peoples and in the tv

    Gaspard BLANC Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • The man on the right doesn't do real sign language... this is inadmissible.

    Marin THOMAS-COLLIGNON Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • This video is an extract from several speeches for the Nelson Mandela memorial. We can see a person who translates sign language for deaf people who are watching. This shows a desire to include the hearing impaired in this discord and that they do not feel outside this tribute outside of society.

    Mathieu LAVAL Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • This video shows a Mandela Memorial, probably in South Africa. And in the video, a man was here to use Sign Language to translate the speech for the hearing impaired. But the problem is that this man no sign correctly. So it's impossible to understand what he signs. I think that it is really bad for hearing impaired because they couldn't appreciate the speech. Also it's very disappointing that no one realized he was made a wrong translation.

    Eva BERGOGNON Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • First of all I want to say that I had a lot of trouble understanding the video because the character’s accent is difficult for me to understand. These dissection are for the purpose of commemorating Nelson Mandela, in particular by citing actions he has done, a proposal for equality for example.

    Sabrina MOUMOU Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • It is disrespectful for the people with hearing difficulties and particularly  at a memorial 

    Pauline VASLIN Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • We find that the person who translates into sign language does not care about the tragic situation that people face following the death of Nelson Mandela by simulating false language.

    Angélina DUBOUCHER Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  •  I think that paying tribute to a person is a very beautiful thing, especially for a person like Nelson Mendela who has contributed to equality between all men. Also translating a speech in sign language is great for deaf people to feel integrated, except that here, the translation is false. So, we do not know if it is just a mistake or if it is a joke but which is therefore not funny because it makes fun of hearing impaired people.

    Alice JACQUET--MAURY Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • I think it is a great tribute to Nelson Mandela and to all that he has brought to his country. However, the man who translates into sign language makes repetitive gestures and his inaccurate, I think that this is not normal and that it should have been done correctly.

    Méline ARDOUIN Modifié il y a plus d'un an