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  • I preferred the first video.  In this video we see an association that helps children in difficulty.  For me, it’s a very good initiative to help these children, to help them dance.  Being able to move their body is, I think, a good idea them so that children can feel as normal as possible.

    Justine ROMEGGIO Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • Videos are very interesting but I have a small preference for the first one. The message behind this video is that everyone has access to sport. I'm a sports fan and I think it's really good that everyone can play sports. The second video joins the first one in the integration of the disabled in the society 

    Marin THOMAS-COLLIGNON Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • I watch "Amazing activites for special needs". I appreciated it because I find that the "BYU" program helps a lot of people who have social difficulties. The facilitators help people with disorders to better integrate into society, allows them to make new friends, and to bette accept themselves. This action allows them to live better and be happy.

    Sabrina MOUMOU Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • Yes it's not usual that there are not boys. the association could create danse lessons for boys and girls with diabilities

    Kenny MEKKI Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • The first video was a discovery for me, indeed I did not know the existence of this kind of groupe, who helping the disabled children to dance. That shows us that any activities is accessible even for the disabled children.  The second video lets me think that any student including the disabled student can have a school life as a " normal " student. this videos show us that the disabled people can live in society as the people who do not have disability. I think it's very important that young people like us know this.

    Kenny MEKKI Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • the first video touched me a lot because teenagers help and teach disabilities girls to dance. The disabilities girls can't necessarily walk and are not necessarily include and accepted by everyone. This dance school allows them to better integrate and to be able to play sports with differents objets and machines. This dance school allows to include better disabilities people in our society. I like this video.

    Côme BROQUEREAU Créé il y a plus d'un an

    • Do you think it's strange that no boys are integrated? What could the association do about this?

      DIANE JEFFREY Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • In the first video we can see children with mental or physical disabilities having fun dancing. This activity allows them to get away from their daily lives. Diversity and inslusion because with this activity their handicap which is their difference is included in the in this activity which allows them to dance like everyone else, a little girl even loved dancing there thanks to that. Thanks to this activity disabled children are no longer outside of society.

    Mathieu LAVAL Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • The first video talk about an association who help girls with disabilities. This association helps these children by making them dance. I think it's a good idea because this allows girls to do like "normal" children just for a moment. There are no boys because I think girls suffer more often discrimination because of the other children. But this exclusion it's a stereotype. Who said boys can't practice dance or not suffering about discrimination ?

    Matéo USUBELLI Créé il y a plus d'un an

    • Ah! It worked! Well done!

      DIANE JEFFREY Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • nowadays, what is realize in these two video is more than rare. A lot of people with disabilities want to do more than they can. here, people show us every people can be like everyone and can do like everyone if the community incclude by different aspect the disabled people with some activities. these poeple can be happy in spite of their physical conditions. 

    Evan DEMORON Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • The two videos are examples of diversity, inclusion and integrity. Those associations bring happiness and, make everyone equal even if they have mental or physical disabilities. This ballet school helps child to forget their disabilities and to have fun by dancing.

    Pauline VASLIN Créé il y a plus d'un an