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Lesson 31/03

1) watch the two videos on British stereotypes (links below)

2) leave a comment on the forum (ENT JEFFREY forum) (2 or 3 sentences) with your thoughts concerning either or both of the videos. You need to be connected with your login in order to leave a comment.




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  • These videos are interesting because we can see the English's reaction about these stereotypes. The 2nd video is also interesting because we have the point of view of the Europeans about these stereotypes and we can see that they are not surely agree with these stereotypes. When I saw these videos, I was surprised by these stereotypes because I never heard of its.

    Louisette MAHO DERAGNE Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • Excuse me, I completely forgot to give my opinion on these video. It's really interresting to know how British feel about all these stereotypes and I think that they are very honest because for example when people say that French are grumpy, it's hard to admit it. Also I didn't know about some of them, of course the addiction of tea is the most famous of all but I didn't think that english were known for their politeness.

    Mila BURSI Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • Both videos were funny, I really liked the fact that they mostly all agreed on those stereotypes about them. They turned it in a funny way with some self-derision which is great. I think those videos changed my mind about british humour...

    Aramis PRESSON Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • After I watched the first video about stereotypes about brits, I definitely think that brits are funny because they agree with a lot of stereotypes. They just laugh of themselves in a way and joke about it, it's very great to hear!  It onfirms that brits are not posh at all! 

    Eden PAREDES Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • After watching those videos, I think that my prejudices toward the British are strenghtened. We can notice that the opinion of the people in the two videos are almost the same and that they generally agreed about British stereotypes. I also learnt that people say "sorry" a lot in Great Britain, even if they are the ones who should receive the apology (in the underground for example).

    Victor CIPEL Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • Both videos had kind of the same point of view even if in the first one there are British people who are talking and in the second one, European people are talking. The main subjects are about the stereotypes that people (in general) have on Brits, and we can see that they often agree with each other for example, the fact that everyone likes tea or that British people burn very easily in the sun. There are some stereotypes which they do not agree with and some of them where they have opposite opinions, in particular, the question of whether  English food is good or not.  

    Naomie PERROT Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • Both videos are interesting because people have a good sense of humour and a good repartee against stereotypes. Moreover we have the point of view of british people and foreigners living in the UK, it's funny to see some of the stereotypes are true. The stereotypes of tea, sunshine and civility stand out, and opinions on these images are divergent.

    Margaux PERRON Modifié il y a plus d'un an

  • The two videos were both really interesting to watch. We can see in the first video the Brits opinion on their stereotypes and in the second one the European point of view. It was interesting to see what people think about the British people and what is true and what's not.

    Noémie FELGEROLLES Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • I think those videos are really interesting because they allow us to have a different point of view on the British people and their culture. The video about stereotypes gives us an inside view of what it may be like to really be British. 

    Axel MELAS Créé il y a plus d'un an

  • In conclusion of these two videos, we can say that most of stereotypes are true, but some aren't. Personally, I say some of them like " do you want a cup of tea" but it's for the joke, it's like when a foreign says that French people eat "baguette" and drink wine every day. It is just a way to kindly make fun of a foreign culture, because it's human nature to don't feel comfortable with the unknown. 

    Benoit BONY Créé il y a plus d'un an