Unit 5 : take shelter! terminales Euro et non Euro

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Photograph: Scalzo/EPA-EFE/Rex/Shutterstock

 Post your comment on this picture in English (what, where, when , why)  , try and use the vocabulary list provided book p 52

Read other student's comment and react  purposely and politely  (= try not to repeat the same things, at least rephrase.  :) )

Lisez les commentaites des autres élèves et réagissez de manière pertinente et courtoise ( = essayez de ne pas répéter ce qui a déjà été dit , reformulez à minima )



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  • This picture shows us many bunkers. I I don’t find this landscape comforting but actually quite the opposite. even if we can see the nature and grass. It makes me think of a war or an apocalypse or even a near future. it’s also makes me think of communism because all the bunkers looks the same. 

    Juliette PINON Créé il y a 9 mois

  • These bunkers remind me of the Vivos Community ones'. But it may also be a historical site, and if it's the case, I think that it should be visited. Indeed, it would be very interesting for people to see what life in a bunker is like, and the way we can protect ourselves in case of an apocalypse, by being isolated with the bare necessities only.

    Enola FAVIER Créé il y a 9 mois

  • This picture is a landscape in which we can see a lot of bunkers, it can make us think of a cemetery. This had to be used by the soldiers during World war II to protect themselves in case of attacks and to stock food.

    Lorie MOTA Créé il y a 9 mois

  • Considering the landscape, this picture makes me think of a cemetery, especially the World War II ones, with the white crosses in big fields : Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Coville-sur-mer for example. With this perspective, those bunkers seem unwelcoming, as if using them would be risky for us and our lives. Even if they are used to protect people from the apocalypse.

    Lea CHEYLUS Créé il y a 9 mois

  • In this picture I see dozens of bunkers Which seem to date from the war.  At the time, it was used by soldiers to protect themselves in the event of an attack, but also to store ammunition or food to support themselves.  this allowed them to survive in a hostile and isolated environment and not to sleep outside

    These bunkers appear to be set up at the edge of the cliffs and this could perhaps allow the soldiers to spot attacks from their enemies as they were set up high and could see them coming. After seeing an article I  think that these are old bunkers which are nowadays used by the Vivos community

    Garance ROLLAND Modifié il y a 9 mois

  • Do you think this site can be visited? Would it be a good idea? Why?

    I don't think this site can be visited because it's a closed place is very private, especially very protected. Moreover, I think this site can be dangerous because the people who live are crazy. So in my opinion it would be a bad idea to be able to visit him

    Juliette ROHMER Créé il y a 9 mois

  • The forum is working at last!

    Thanks to all the students who have already posted their commnent. You used varied vocabulary and structures , that's good material to share :)

    To the students who haven't posted a comment yet, I'm suggesting a little guidance for possible content to post:

    Where can these bunkers be in America or considering the landscape does it make you think of another place in the world?

    Do you think this site can be visited? Would it be a good idea? Why?

    If you were to rent one of the bunkers, how would you like it to be? size , rooms ... and what would you miss the most from the outside world?

    CHRISTEL FREON Créé il y a 9 mois

  • In the photograph, we can see a whole landscape of bunkers, it looks like a village where there are only shelters instead of houses. As it has been said before, it's situated in the middle nowhere, no houses in sight, we see nothing but bunkers. I think, like Naomie, that these were old bunkers from the war period to protect soldiers from aerial bombing. However,  it seems that they are now being used again by preppers who want a survival solution in case a disaster occurs.

    Benjamin LASOLLE Modifié il y a 9 mois

  • In this picture, we can see many bunkers that are used to protect oneself in the event of apocalypse for example. Maybe they were used during the war so that the soldiers could stock food supplies or first aid kits. I think that they might be used nowadays by the preppers. 

    Naomie PERROT Modifié il y a 9 mois

  • This picture depicts a bunch of bunkers in the countryside. It seems that there is no close town to this place, it is very isolated. This landscape is unusual and even a little weird / odd / unsettling / disturbing. We can assume that it is located in the USA, given that prepping is a part of the American culture. Indeed, a prepper is someone that is prepared to any kind of situation, which involves that preppers want to protect themselves from disasters and cope with emergencies. So, we can assume that those bunkers are used by some preppers to take shelter in case a danger occurs.

    Leane SEVEYRAT Modifié il y a 9 mois