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November 19th

The lesson is on the attached document. You have a document to comment on for next week.


November 26th

Today, you have to study the social consequences of the industrial revolution. I gave you a text and a painting to work on.


December 3rd

The lesson is in the attached file. Regarding the social reforms, I want you to imagine a dialogue between industrialists and workers claiming for their rights in the 19th century. You can work in small groups if you want to (2 to 3 persons in a group). This exercice is due for next tuesday: please send me your work on my ENT mailbox.


December 10th

Don't forget to send me your work on the social reforms today. I'll post the lesson later on to let you finish.

For next week, you have to search for some important improvements made in Victorian London (monuments, sanitation systems..) Make sure to identify the sources you used.

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